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Our Own System Inc is a black-led resource management and advocacy organization that aims to provide sustainable economic advancement for black communities across the US. Our mission is deeply rooted on black empowerment, which lines up with the goal of enriching black culture and developing socio-economic stability that favors black communities throughout the nation.

Our goal is to preserve the beauty of all black people and our historical significance by acknowledging the unselfish devotion of our forefathers to the common good, as well as to uphold their lessons that teach a higher purpose. Our Own System Inc offers each and every individual within black communities the opportunity to unite and restore a unified nation that sees black people as equals, as well as to free them from a system that’s currently designed against our favor.

As a black advocacy organization, Our Own System Inc envisions social equality, as well as economic advancements that will be beneficial to black communities. And through our black resource management programs and initiatives, we are leading the movement for black empowerment across the country.

Be a part of the cause and make a difference by joining us today.


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Here at Our Own System Inc, we work with various groups and individuals in the US to provide a safe, flexible, and stable financial system for the black community. As part of our black resource management initiatives, one of our goals is to establish a Central Banking System (CBS) that challenges existing economic fields and financial institutions that have generally worked against us and since been designed to hinder our ability to progress.

Unstable prices, high inflation, and high unemployment rates. These are just some of the repercussions of an economy that has, since time immemorial, been developed without the black community in mind. With our expertise in resource management coupled with our economic development programs, Our Own System Inc aims to progressively and systematically stabilize black communities by bolstering black-owned businesses throughout the country.

By stabilizing our economy and combining our resources as one, we can unite and empower black communities across the nation.


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As a black advocacy organization, our mission is to advocate the endowment of black empowerment, independence, unity, and prosperity. Members across the country are taught and treated based on the natural order of an equal and holistic self-governing community.

Black communities throughout the nation are more divided than ever, but Our Own System Inc believes that through education and the empowerment of individuals, we can unite each black person in the nation to a single lasting cause. We believe that a united and empowered black community can do so much more, and that includes securing various facets of the country’s socio-economic and political stage.



Here at Our Own System Inc, we provide leadership programs and awareness campaigns throughout the country as part of our black resource management initiatives. These are all designed to encourage private support from friends, corporations, and foundations to advance the educational, social, and economic needs that our black advocacy organization strives to improve.

By supporting Our Own System Inc’s black resource management programs and annual fund, you are able to assist in our cause and further the advancement of the black community in various fields. These include career development, community programs, educational advancements, medical convenience and priority, financial security, and other aspects of society. This provides us with the flexibility to respond to the changing economic circumstances amongst black people in this country, as well as to create better opportunities for black individuals in general.


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We are a black-led resource management and advocacy organization that is focused on black empowerment through socio-economic development programs. It’s high time that we become aware of the lasting repercussions of what a one-sided system has done to black communities throughout the country. On one hand, many individuals and their families do not have access to cheap and effective healthcare. On the other, many children are left to fend for themselves as a result of overpriced tuition fees that breed poor education within a certain ghetto. Those are only some of the aforementioned repercussions. Simply put, we do not have the resources to help catapult our community to a higher level of socio-economic standing.

With that in mind, Our Own System Inc takes the bull by its horns by addressing these issues head on. We aim to develop a systematic order and structure that favors the black community through proper resource management and acquisition. Our goal is to improve the lives of black people across the nation through educational improvements, healthcare access, and a centralized financial institution.

Help our advocacy by joining our cause today. One person may not make much of a difference, but as a united front, the entire black community can move mountains.

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“Black People, I greet you here from the State of Virginia in the year of two thousand and Eleven. First, I shall thank you, the ladies and gentlemen of Black Communities for your acknowledgement, and embracing this new System and Nationalism. I am here to solve...


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The black community, as a whole, is a very divided community. In order to correct the social and economic diseases that have plagued our communities and neighborhoods, we need to start from somewhere. If not, we can kiss our future, as well as the future of our children, goodbye.


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Our Own System Inc only has a single message to convey: Black people cannot continue to be the only victims of a monopoly game and carry the economy on their backs for much longer without risking a highly negative outcome.


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