We Are A Black Resource Management Organization For Black Communities Across Chesapeake

We’ve been oppressed and stereotyped long enough, and a growing number within the black community of Chesapeake, VA can vouch for that. Countless years that we’ve not been treated wrong for things we never did. And the United States system hasn’t helped in enriching black empowerment and it shows.

Malcom X and Martin Luther King Jr have long voiced for black empowerment since the 70s and 80s. spreading the truth about inequality that has ravaged the black community. The black panther movement was born out of inequality. The LA riots blew up because of a call that favored 3 white cops. And now History is repeating itself with the recent death of George Floyd.

Many black people in Chesapeake, VA, and throughout the United States have the same sentiments about how unfair the system is molded against them. Against us. It’s time we take bull by the horns redefine black empowerment based on what the black community envisions it.

At Our Own System, we’re encouraging each and every black folk to stand up and work together to create a system that favors the black man. From education to business encouragement and support, to our very own central banking system. We’re envisioning a functioning matrix designed specifically for all black people.

People across Chesapeake VA is encouraged to join our organization and volunteer in our diverse programs and regular meetings, and involve themselves in what we call our own system. It’s not for one black man or woman, it’s designed to benefit each and every black man, woman, and child. It’s high time we speak, and its high time we make our move. Because the current system won’t help us. You know that for a fact. With Our Own System, Inc. we’re encouraging black empowerment for Chesapeake, VA and making a brighter future for the black community.

Give us a call or send us an email and let's empower the black community together.