Community Development Program Across Chesapeake & Hampton Roads

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Our Own System of Development is responsible for all of all fundraising activities and provides leadership for encouraging private support from friends, corporations, and foundations to advance the Educational, Social, and Economical priorities of this Organization.


How often in life can you say that something you did had the “greatest impact you could have?” As a supporter of the Annual Fund, you can truly say that about your impact on Our Own System and its cause. The Annual Fund supports everything in Our Own System: programs, professors, educational system, financial institutions, medical facilities, and departments. It gives Our Own System the flexibility to respond to changing economic circumstances amongst black people in this country and globally; and, to create better opportunities. Here are few reasons to give to the Annual Fund.

  • We are to be honest and wise enough to realize that the wealth in this country, and globally comes precisely from the exploitations of Black People. Whereby, free labor and/or low wages, high Interest Rates, destabilizing black communities and countries in order to steal resources. Establishing Our Own Financial Institutions and a Central Bank to accommodate all black people of the fifty American States, Territories, and globally. To collectively create resources for economic advancement.
  • The Educational system here in America is set up for Black Children to fail, as well as, young adults. Because of the improper diagnosing children with ADHD, and excessive high cost of College Tuition, more than 70% of our Black Children and young adults are denied proper education. Establishing Our Own Educational System would resolve this matter.
  • To create rehabilitative Programs that would treat black people who are suffering with {PTSD} Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome, challenged and faced with systematic racism, and discrimination within all levels of governmental and non-governmental institutions in America and /or globally.
  • Due to the default in the educational system Black students are rapidly discouraged to study medicines causing a extreme lack Black doctors and nurses. Establishing our own Black Hospitals and medical facilities to ensure that proper treatment is render to all black people.


  1. Develop comprehensive network of community services, including:
    1. Police Protection
    2. Schools
    3. Libraries
    4. Parks & Recreations
    5. Health Facilities
    6. Hospitals
    7. Utilities
    8. Land Use planning
    9. Transportation Network
  2. Planning for the Black community future is key:
    1. Purchase Mass Properties
    2. Create Mass Business Community
    3. Create Mass Residential Community
    4. Create Mass Financial Institution {CBS}
    5. Create Mass Broad casting facilities
  3. The Purchase of Mass properties would offer much opportunity for development.