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Across The Country

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Yes, Black people are a very divided people. Internal conflicts within ourselves, our Homes, and Our communities makes it easy for people who are fashion and trained to take advantage of our divisions; to exploit our divisions. Because of not being united we have no borders to prevent outsiders from invading our communities, our life styles, our beliefs, our trust, and knowledge of ourselves. We have failed to take responsibilities for our own differences of {cosmology} appearances, battles, and materialism, allowing foreigners to come in and exploit our differences through promotions and commercialism.   Black people have come to see money, wealth and power as a “natural white Right”. In other words, most see the idea of white people having money is a natural thing, and white people being wealthy and powerful as “that’s the way it’s supposed to be.” It’s very ironic that black people see it that way. This creates a problem, because they often do the adverse thing when it’s related to themselves and other black folks. Whereas, seeing money is a Jewish thing. It’s everybody thing but Black folks thing. “Dangerous concept here,” often admiring wealthy white folks, but envy wealthy black people. “wishing that a person fall on their estate,” Hoping that they don’t succeed and actually go into ruin. And to top off this, they make sure they contribute nothing to their wealth, “he  ain’t  gona get rich off my money.” Don’t mind if others get rich off their money. All black business are defeated by this type of attitude not wanting to see any of our people move-up. Our black businesses are overcome with jealousy, envy, hate, and therefore blacks will destroy and not support many of black businesses. Even though white wealth is stolen wealth, White wealth is based on the use of free labor of our parents, Grandparents, and ancestor before them. Captive wealth, brutalize wealth, enslaved wealth and somehow black people think white people deserve money. This wealth is based on the colonization of African Countries. The industrial Revolution of Europe was based upon the Molasses  of Europe, upon the sugar crops of the Caribbean, the wealth of South Africa today is based on the Gold, Diamonds, Oil, and Minerals, and everything else taken right out of the African continent. Taken right out of the soil of our people in the Caribbean. “Central Americas” It is an illness to think that white people are deserving of the wealth they’ve stolen. “What an insult to our own intelligence.

Black Psychology of Self- Hatred

Because of being treated as a commodity, sold as slaves into slave experience with capitalism, and with greed, the majority of black people today are victims of 246 years multi-generational trauma. There is a residual impact whereas black people of modern time have learned and normalized the behaviors of those traumatized by chattel slavery experienced, directly and indirectly. That trauma is the root cause of bad behaviors and has misplaced black people in terms of their empowerment, and survival as a people. Through socialize behaviors, black people today hate the reflection of themselves and are afraid to deal with the issues of wealth and money. A global European Power and economy was designed to benefit European and shape the personality of African people. Very few African people have escaped that shaping process. All classes of black people are servants to Europeans whether middle class, upper class, lower class, in America, or abroad. The basic role is the same. A few blacks are created with different characters to justify systematic denial of the mass of black people, and to produce subliminal suggestion that the system is a democracy, with liberty and Justice for all. That is,  there is a grave down turn in the economy for the middle class and under privileged black people in this country {AMERICA}. Majority of black people are at the very bottom of the economic chain. This economic condition is breeding crimes, various social diseases, and disorders among our Black People. But, in order to correct the economic, and social diseases that have plagued our communities and neighborhoods, we need to start from somewhere.  If not, we can kiss our future, and the future of our children good bye.


Rebellion Among Ourselves


Question 1.
SO, why do we hate and murder each other, isn’t the rich and wealthy who oppress us?
Answer: Through slavery we were conditioned to hate each other. These conditions has been perpetuated even unto this day and time period.

Question 2.
SO, why is there so much self-hate among us, did not civilization began with our culture?
Answer: Through slavery our identity was taken and our purpose for being was lost. We adopted cultures of our oppressors, and we depend on them to provide and take care of us.

Question 3.
SO, why are we so afraid, did not the creator make us as himself a strong and powerful people?
Answer: {Disobedience} following the laws, culture of our oppressors, and misguided teaching of Religious Leaders as opposed to the Laws and Culture of our Creator

Question 4
SO, why are we so ignorant, did not all science, technology, and medicine come through and by our ancestors?
Answer: Through slavery our history and knowledge of self was stolen and destroyed.  Majority of {Black People} have no clue of how great, and powerful we can become collectively.

Question 5.
SO, why do we have so many faults and failures today, were we not created in the image of our creator?
Answer:  Ignorance, Fear, False Religion, Materialism, Commercialism, and Capitalism.  No excuse!