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Through Racial Equity & Justice

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OUR OWN SYSTEM- has an urgent message to convey here: Black people cannot continue to be the only victims of a monopoly game and carry the economy on their backs for much longer without high risks of a very bad outcome.

The romance and/or love affair of Black people and America has failed. Black people are no longer America’s source of wealth, but are now challenged by the love affair America has engaged with other races, and a globalized European economic system. Black People are isolated in this nation from the new economic system created by Trade Agreements {NAFTA} CANDA, US, and MEXICO. Black People are more segregated in this nation than in the 1920’s, particularly the black male, he has become economically obsolete and useless. Black people failed to unite and have gone into irreversible decline and genocidal demise. Our time having run—out, the nature of the world has change. That is, the nature of our local economic circumstances has been transformed to a global and/or international economic circumstance. In other words, we not only compete with whites’ in this society but all other ethnic groups and economies as well.


When you look into your streets  of America, you now see Asians, Russian, Indians, Arabs, Mexicans, and other ethnic. These are the result of global changes in the world today. People who are running away from their own dislocated economy and coming here to America. A new Government has been formed, whereas the world is now operated by Federal Reserve a small group of elite {Zionist} integrated with, Corporations, Asians and other ethnic Groups.

Fortunately, as households and communities, the path out of these conditions can still change directions by the choices that we make collectively. But, to make the correct choices, black people need to understand the forces at hand and their intent. An indispensable guide to understanding the rapid decline and current role of Black people in this global economy. There is no better way of doing so than through an examination of the world’s major Corporations, and central banks, past, present, and future. These institutions have emerged as the major and often sole policy makers. They are forces that created the current global failures and the dangerous folk in the road that Black people are now approaching. The road ahead is leading to a perilous U-turn and genocidal demise. The Fuse for these social and economic conditions were lit some years ago. Unemployment, Juvenile delinquency, prostitution, Drug traffic and other forms of organized crimes are on the rise. Our women, young girls and boys are victims to the organized evil that are perpetually destroying the moral fiber of the Black Communities. That is, being denied equal justice under the laws of the United States, equal employment opportunities, and equal educational opportunities. Clearly, history is repeating itself, which confirms that this country was designed to enslave black people for life, {one way or another} as was intended by the Atlantic Slave Trade. If you are paying attention, signs of distress are multiplying so much so that the path of financial instability is likely to increase soon, and rise to the unthinkable, as well as, the challenges and lack of opportunities that black people will confront in responding to future economic shocks. For example:

  • Lack of Opportunities
  • Conditions of low growth
  • Political Dysfunction
  • High Interest Rates
  • Social Tension
  • Economic Enslavement
  • No Control OF Resources

If something is not done immediately, there will be a deadly situation in the black communities more dangerous and destructive than chattel slavery.

Black people in this country, individually’ collectively and globally need to understand why and how to take evasive actions. The good news is that if Black people were to get their act together, things would be a lot better. That is, collectively, we could firmly grip hands on the wheel and stir the economy in our direction.  The bad news is, we cannot continue this journey of declining performance, and rising instability.